Cancer Vaccines Specialist Ailsevax Becomes 100th Spin-Out Company from Queen’s University

Ailsevax, a specialist in cancer vaccines, has recently become the 100th spin-out company from Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A spin-out company is a business that has been created by a university or research institution based on technology or intellectual property that was developed within the institution.

Ailsevax has been founded by a team of researchers from Queen’s University who have been working on developing a new type of cancer vaccine. The vaccine is designed to stimulate the immune system to target and attack cancer cells in the body. The team has already conducted successful preclinical trials and is now preparing to move into clinical trials with the support of the university’s commercialization team.

The creation of Ailsevax marks a significant milestone for Queen’s University, as it demonstrates the institution’s continued commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Since the university’s first spin-out company was established in 1984, these companies have gone on to create more than 3,700 jobs and generate over £1.5 billion in investment.

The university’s commercialisation team provides support to researchers who are interested in commercialising their technology or intellectual property. This includes assistance with patenting, licensing, and forming spin-out companies. By providing this support, the university is able to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise from academia to industry, ultimately driving economic growth and job creation.

The establishment of Ailsevax is also a significant development in the field of cancer research. Cancer vaccines have the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment by offering a new approach to fighting the disease. Traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can cause significant side effects and may not be effective for all patients. Cancer vaccines, on the other hand, offer a targeted approach that can be tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Overall, the establishment of Ailsevax is a testament to the important role that universities can play in driving innovation and economic growth. By supporting researchers in their efforts to commercialise their technology and intellectual property, universities can help to bring new products and services to market, create jobs, and drive economic growth in their local communities and beyond.