Top Insurance Company In Australia

The MetLife is the third largest Insurance company in Australia, providing life insurance solutions to more than 2.6 million Australians. Its product portfolio includes super funds, company funds, and financial advisers.

The company is synonymous with genuine benefit and the appropriate level of care. Founded in 1911, MetLife has been owned by the National Australia Bank since it acquired Aviva Australia in 2005. These days, its products are sold as MLC products.

TAL Life Insurance

TAL Life Insurance started in 1869 as the New Zealand Government’s life office. In the 1990s, it merged with and purchased InsuranceLine and Pressure. In June 2011, Dao-ichi Life took 100% ownership of TAL and moved to become the country’s largest life insurer with assets near $500 billion. Today, TAL has grown fivefold since 2006 and employs over 1,100 people. The company’s sustainability commitment is also apparent in the many awards it has won.

TAL offers three main ways to purchase life insurance: directly from TAL, through a financial adviser, through a super fund, or from your employer. Whichever way you choose, you’ll benefit from the benefits of TAL’s insurance products. Before making a decision, you’ll want to compare the benefits and limitations of each option. TAL has a product disclosure statement (PDS) that includes important information about the exclusions and limitations of their insurance policies.

TAL also has a strong community focus. In partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), the company has launched a program called SpotChecker, which provides free on-the-spot checkups for people at risk of developing melanoma. The TAL SpotChecker program also helps build brand awareness in major cities. A recent study reveals that TAL’s SpotChecker program is one of the most comprehensive life insurance plans available in Australia.


NEOS Life is an independent Australian life insurance company, dedicated to providing superior service and support for their customers. With a product called NEOS Protection, you can get life cover tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget. The company has partnered with leading global reinsurer Pacific Life Re to provide exceptional customer service and support for customers at claim time. Read on to learn more about NEOS Life Insurance Company.

NEOS Life was founded in 2008 as a start-up, but the company is backed by NobleOak, one of Australia’s leading life insurance specialists with over 140 years of experience. It’s ‘UnderwriteMe’ underwriting package is based on an aim to offer the most responsive customer service in the market, with 80% of applications being underwritten in three working days.

NEOS Life Insurance Company offers TPD and Life Cover products through superannuation funds. The company offers TPD cover with a three-year base rate guarantee, a lump-sum benefit if the insured child dies or becomes terminally ill, and a ‘Grief Support Benefit’ if a parent passes away before the child reaches a specified age. Both TPD and Life Cover can be purchased separately or linked together.


TAL is one of the largest life insurance companies in Australia. Its goal is to become the number one insurance partner for customers and financial advisers. In the coming years, TAL hopes to be the largest non-bank life insurance specialist in Australia. Its community and health programs are designed to help those in need. TAL’s SpotChecker service is a unique program that provides free, on-the-spot checks for cancer.

TAL began as the New Zealand Government Life Office in 1869 and later became TOWER Life. During the 1990s, TAL acquired several Australian life insurance companies. In 2008, the Japanese financial company Dai-ichi Life acquired a majority stake in TAL and eventually became the sole owner. In 2011, Dao-ichi became the majority owner of TAL and surpassed TOWER as the largest life insurance company in Australia. Zurich has been in the Australia market for over 90 years and has assets of over AUD$400 billion.

TAL was rated Life Company of the Year by Plan for Life/AFA for the fifth consecutive year. Despite their high customer satisfaction, TAL also received some of the highest ratings in a Roy Morgan study of the largest life insurance companies in Australia. TAL also offers funeral insurance and other services through its InsuranceLine division. In 2018, TAL received a 96 percent satisfaction rating from Can-star, which is the highest in Australia.

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